‘Design a beautiful House’ is an open anonymous International Design Competition that calls all designers, Artists and Students, to submit design proposals for a beautiful new house and setting. It is an opportunity to create a groundbreaking, yet timeless proposal for a live project. This project offers the opportunity to rethink the way that a home is structured, lived in and aesthetically viewed. Through this competition, winners will be chosen for their innovative solutions to creating a ‘beautiful home’.


Designers are asked to think beyond the function of habitation and to consider beauty and aesthetics to enhance the experience if its users. As the project is intended to be constructed beyond the stage of this initial competition, it will also be judged on the relationship of the house to its site and creative response to its constraints.


This is an open international competition that comprises of a single stage at this time. Award winners will be chosen anonymously by a select Jury for their response to the brief in creating a beautiful house and setting. Whilst the proposals are for a specific site, the competition will not necessarily culminate in the winning proposal’s construction. A future stage of design development is likely to follow with a selected award winner or winners.


£25,000 is the allocated prize fund. This may be awarded either solely to one winner or multiple individuals or teams. At the sole discretion of the jury, each award will be given based on its beauty, originality, guided by the competition criteria as outlined in the brief.

Judging Panel

The Judging Panel is comprised of highly acclaimed international members of the fields of art, design, architecture and landscape: Fokke Moerel of MVRDV, Neil Porter of Gustafson Porter, Mick Finch of Central Saint Martins, and Ed Hollis, architect and author of The School of Life’s ‘How to Make a Home’.


BW International: The competition is being managed and administered by Barton Willmore International on behalf of its Client. BW International is the Global arm of Barton Willmore, one the UK’s leading independent planning and design practices, committed to delivering sustainable development of the highest quality.